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AROUND OBJECT is a project that breaks away from the general use of building materials.

The project was found in the roof material of a Korean building. 
The roof is an essential element in architecture in charge of rest and protection. 

As the roof material was used, I wanted to maintain the role, so I made a chair to rest.

Usually, Koreans think of old shanty towns or warehouses when they see the corrugated sheet iron
Therefore, it is not easy to find a modern or sophisticated aura.

However, there are certain advantages that are light and easy to construct.
I applied this funny material to the legs of the chair. As a result, I wanted to regain aura that was hard to find.

Another material was inspired by urethane waterproofing materials. 
The urethane waterproofing material, which has been widely used in Korea, is a main material called chromium oxide and is green.

Thanks to this color, the rooftop of the Korean building looks as if it were forested. 
In fact, I think the color plays a part in giving a short break on the rooftop.
This interesting material was chosen as the main color of AROUND OBJECT-02.

I hope you will see and use this chair for a while and enjoy a good rest.

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